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12/23/11 03:40 AM Stop Online Piracy Act by Syllyra

The RPG could be in trouble, as could many of our favorite social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit.

I try to stay away from any sort of political announcements or banter on this site, but I feel like this is important, especially if we want to continue to exercise our rights to free speech. Basically, what is going on is this:

There is an act going through committee right now to potentially be sent to vote and there is "overwhelming support" behind it right now. What this act would do is shut down sites that have even the tiniest copyright infringement. This isn't the courtesy email of "Hey, you are using something of mine and it'd be great if you stopped. Thanks." This is a total internet-wide shutdown of sites that post even a single copyrighted thing. Think about it... Pictures, song lyrics, LC characters.

In short, we'd be boned.

Here is the link to the Act in question.

This is how to get in touch with your representatives or the State Department to let them know how much this pisses you off.

I am not requiring anyone to go sign these things or call your reps. It isn't like I am going to banninate you from the site if you don't. I just wanted to let everyone know that if this thing passes, DU and LSD will be shut down for good.

60 Views · 1 Comments
12/14/11 02:52 PM A New Project by Syllyra

Hi there, everyone!

This announcement is to let you all know that there is a second site in the works. This site is called Darkness Unleashed and is the brainchild of Kijani and myself. Not a lot is changing as far as the backdrop of the story goes, but we wanted an alternative with a tighter history and direction as well as the addition of mutants based off of the X-Men movies and interplanetary/dimensional travel based off of Stargate. We tightened up the focus a little bit and are working on getting everything totally complete before opening the site to other members. If you want to know more about my personal reasons for backing a second project, then feel free to have a chat with me. I will explain.

LSD is NOT closing down. It costs me $10 a year extra to run this domain as I would keep my hosting whether LSD existed or not. That doesnít really put a dent in my funds, so I can assure you that LSD is not going ANYWHERE.

None of you are expected to join Darkness Unleashed either or to continue playing both RPGs if you DO decide to join. This is a no pressure situation, but creating a new RPG to add in the elements that Kijani and I wanted was definitely a better idea than closing down LSD for a few months while we revamped. This way everyone still gets to play while construction happens elsewhere.

Darkness Unleashed is an RPG along the same idea as Light Side of Darkness, but it is NOT a continuation of LSD. If you have plots or characters that you want to rearrange, this is the perfect opportunity to do those things. Rewrite what you want, recreate what you want, or not. Itís a brand new, fresh start. With mutants.

The world is created, as all these RPGs are, with the Harry Potter world as the main setting for the situation. Werewolf the Apocalypse (Changing Breeds is included in this) and Vampire the Masquerade will be the only WoD games integrated into the new system. There are tighter restrictions on literary crossover characters as well to make sure the story line stays solid. LSDís wiki will be completed as this process continues as well, just in a different manner.

You can expect it to be run in much the same way that LSD is run. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one or both of us!

Feel free to run over and poke around, but keep in mind that things are still under construction and registration is suspended. Also, if you get any sort of error or anything, please copy the text or take a screen shot of it and pm that information to me on this account her.

Thank you!

There is a new application process with tighter rules and different categories, so if you do decide to join you will be required to use one of the new applications.

675 Views · 23 Comments
12/02/11 02:00 AM Back to Business as Usual by Kijani

Just so everyone is aware, Syllyra was able to fix the issue on LSD. What this means is that since we aren't experiencing the problem anymore, we should be able to process bios and other edits that we were incapable of accessing the last couple of days. It's pretty much back to business as usual.

I also went through and purged the site of a few accounts that we did not recognize.

With this in mind, if you register a new account under an email address that we do not know, please let us know before hand, otherwise it is likely that the registration will be denied/deleted.

Happy posting!

65 Views · 1 Comments
11/30/11 12:20 AM Possible Site Downtime by Syllyra

Okay, so... We are having a few problems with the whole control panel thing, and until these problems are resolved, new bios cannot be processed because we can't edit members. We also can't process any forum requests because we are totally unable to create new forums as well.

We will be contacting UBB about this tomorrow. I may be trying to patch/upgrade the forum software.

Cross your fingers and hope nothing explodes?

In the meantime, if you stumble upon any unusual activity or strange errors... Let us know here. We hope to get everything resolved at once.

35 Views · 0 Comments
10/22/11 05:54 PM Administrator Contact by Kijani

I just wanted to post something to remind everyone that there are several administrators on the website right now. Please remember that there is not just one of us, and keep that in mind.

The active LSD administrators are:


You can contact the active admins via pm (again, please CC all of us so that we all know what is going on. Keep in mind we are an out-of-character entity here to HELP you). You can also contact the active admins via off-site instant messaging services. Each active admin has email and IM contact information listed in their profile for your convenience.

If you have a problem with anything on the site, please CC all of us on any pm's that you send...not just one of us. We ask that you do this because we work on the site together, and we can't do anything about any problems that you have if we don't know about them. As close-knit as we may be with one another off site, hearing things second hand after the fact means that two-thirds of us are out of the loop, and that means that we can't help you.

The other reason that we ask that you do this is so that if a situation arises where one of our administrators is away for whatever reason, the remaining admins need to be able to handle problems while they are gone.

85 Views · 1 Comments
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